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oye guey
oye guey
Mexico flag
Hey you, Hey dude
No, it doesn't mean hello, or hi, it's just a way so that people pay attention to you. Comment by: Trusx   
Isn't it just "oye" Por ejemplo, if you say "Oye guey" it just means hey order to get someone's attention? Or do Spanish speakers actually say hey? Comment by: kc   
its not hey its ey to get someones attention and technically oye guey is for mexicans Comment by: kiana   
'Hey' - is what is shouted to gain someone's attention, instead of shouting their name. As posted by kc above. It does not mean 'hello' or 'hi'. It is not a 'greeting'. Comment by: Jemmy Hanson   
so 'hey' would be like english equivilent of 'yo' right? Comment by: katy   
Actually, no. "oye" is the present tú form of the infinitive oír, which means "to listen." so this phrase literally means listen guy. Comment by: Kamari   
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