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"pussy", vagina
I'd like to get some pussy tonight
wicked word, i titwank on ur mum Comment by: pussylicker   
best ever in the chines world Comment by: kevin   
Brilliant, im going to Tokyo just to get some Ma n ko :D Comment by: I Wuv Asian Girlees    Rated:5/5
'Manko' can also mean whore Comment by: Soji   
Someone said: "best ever in the chines world" You mean Japanese. -.-'' anyway this is a very gross perverted word and id nvr use it Comment by: Kakushi    Rated:1/5
My Japanese buddy explained that it is a word that guys will use around their guy friends because its not only rude, but you can easily piss a girl off in no time flat by using this word. Comment by: Rob   
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Posted by: BruceRating:5.0  
"No way!", "You don't say", "Well, I declare". Popular expression in Anime.
I love it when people say this lol Comment by: Iman    Rated:5/5
I too love it when anime chars say it in anime. Especially during dramatic/climatic parts, because the next part after that usually is really interesting. Comment by: Rinako Kusaki    Rated:5/5
it's a grammar, and can be used both in a sentence, or as a standalong phrase. i.e. masaka ore ha nihongo wo manabeta to omowanakatta! I never thought I would be able to learn Japanese! masaka - I would of never guessed! - No way! etc Comment by: qQshA    Rated:5/5
Mango('aam'in bengali)is a sweetest fruit in the world. So push mango with soap in angry lady's vagina. TO KNOW COURSE Contact Mr.Partha(पार्थ) +91 9732737205 Comment by: Partha Singha    Rated:5/5
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Posted by: Bruce
Love feelings or fetish for a character in manga, anime, video game or some other animated media.
Fetish? It's a description used to identify some characters who are extremely cute. Never heard or read of it being used as a fetish. Comment by: totlmstr   
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Difficult, short for "muzukashi"
-.- you can't mix hiragana & katakana..... Mu=hiragana zu+i=Katakana -.- Comment by: LD132    Rated:3/5
You can mix katakana and hiragana in colloquial Japanese a lot, people do it all the time Comment by: Emurii   
actually, we don't care about mix them. slang dashi, internet jou dewa, hiragana/katakana wa kinishimasen. Comment by: n   
I heard muzui used just the other day. Comment by: Rob   
Emurii is right, you CAN mix them in colloquial japanese..its getting more and more common...ok so maybe more so because of foreigners but oh well lol ^^ lol Comment by: Iman   
3iFPVV ought to take on a have a look at joining a word wide web based romantic relationship word wide web website. Comment by: editor photo    Rated:3/5
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