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say it all the time in southern sask..... my whole life I've heard it here from everyone..... Comment by: Queen City Gnome   
Comment on: Deadly: A reaction to something done "over the top"; overdone; excessive. Can also be used as a response to something done very well. Circa 1974ish. Details
considering hockey is a Canadian sport... would make a lot of sense now wouldn't it..... Comment by: Queen City Gnome    Rated:5/5
Comment on: deke: to dodge something Details
Comment on: : "do Yalova (a town in Turkey) single-oar": to masturbate. Details
madarchoud jyoti teri maa ki chut mein pishap ki dhar maroon mada loudi ki chati hui bulli bhen chod maki loudi tere baap ka kutte ka kund hain jaa ke chus usko madar choud badhcow saali bhen ki tatti saali kutte ki pilli bhadvi randi maki ki chut teri bhosde ki chut saali madar loudi Comment by: jyoti ku chodo    Rated:1/5
Comment on: : fantastic Details
Also said in Cape Breton Comment by: Anon   
Comment on: B'y: A term used by Newfoundlanders meaning "Boy." Usually used at the end of a sentence (How ya gettin' on thar, b'y?), and has no racist meaning. See also: 'Newfie' Details
Haha another Aussie who hates wogs...wog old men are pedofiles? You got that one totally wrong. Pedofila is rife in Australia, especially a fav past time of the u poor yobbo descendent of shackled convicts have strong genetic urges for kids. Unforgivable. Also, lighten up sunshine, envy, hate and racism are bad for your health. Do some yoga, go easy on your long neck booze and only go the soft drugs...soft drugs for soft cock Aussies Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie ok oi oi haha Comment by: Milo   
Comment on: : funny to page in a store, sounds like a real name Details
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