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The Slang Database is a place where slang words and their meanings can be entered. The Slang Database is open to all and is dependent upon your contributions. Along with the slang word and it's definition, sample sentences, translations and other characteristics of the word can be entered.

Goal of the Slang Database

By its very nature, slang rapidly evolves, with new words appearing overnight. Traditional print media: the book, is a poor way to capture the dynamic nature of slang. The Internet is a much better medium to capture the rapidly changing world of slang.

Multilingual and Multicultural

The Slang Dictionary supports translations of slangs to promote cross-cultural understanding and fun. For example, an Italian slang can have translations in English, Russian, Chinese, etc. and vice versa. "Can't we all just get along"

The People's Dictionary

The Slang Database is a "People's Dictionary". The authors of traditional dictionaries: English majors, are not the best people to write a slang dictionary. The best people are you - the people in the trenches. "Power to the People!"

Future Enhancements


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