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Instructions for Adding a Word to the Slang Dictionary

Many details for a slang word can be entered, e.g. pronunciation. However, all that is required, is the slang word and its meaning. Please enter the word in the characters (character set) of the original language, e.g. for Chinese, Chinese pictographs (or in Japanese: kanji or kana) etc. Enter the translation in the translation language's character set.


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Add a Slang Word or Phrase

  1. Go to the Home page and at the bottom there is a Language Selection box. Choose you language, e.g. "Displaying Chinese Slang in Chinese".
  2. Under each slang entry is a "Add Slang Word" button. Press "Add Slang Word"
  3. Enter the Slang Word and Meaning for your language (using native script, e.g. Chinese pictographs)
  4. Check you entry, press the "Details" button.

Add a Sample Sentence

  1. Add a sample sentence using the slang word. ("Add a Sentence"). If possible, find a popular song that uses the slang word as the example sentence.

Add a Translation

  1. In the Details page, press the "Add a Translation" button
  2. Choose "English" as the "Target Translation Language."
  3. Enter the translation in English.
  4. You have successfully entered a Chinese slang word and meaning (for Chinese readers) with an English translation (for English readers interested in Chinese slang.)

Please do not enter copyrighted material.


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