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CoolSlang Editor Requirements

A CoolSlang Editor must be able to write entries in their native language as well as English. For example, for a Chinese editor, there is a page of Chinese slang words and the explanation of the words (all written in Chinese script). In addition, there is a page of the English translation of the Chinese slang. Editors should be familar with the Pop Culture of their language so that samples from popular songs or movies can be used as example sentences that use the slang word.

Instructions for Adding Items to the Dictionary

About the World Slang Dictionary

The World Slang Interactive Database allows people from around the globe to share interesting slang. Slang words in all languages are requested. In addition to the slang words in the original language, translations are also solicited. For example, a Japanese slang with an English translation or a French slang with a Chinese translation, so for example, an English speaking person can enjoy Japanese slang or a Chinese person can enjoy French slang. A more detailed explanation of the purpose of the World Slang Database can be found here.

User ID and Logins

In order to add slang entries you must sign up for a login. An email is not required. In addition if you do submit an email that email would not be shared with any other person or company. There are two benefits to establishing a user login: (1) so viewers can see contributor details for specific words and (2) to prevent others from modifying your contributions.

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