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nani o miten da yo

What the hell are you looking at

Submitted November 12th, 2003 by: Anonymous


This is absolutely correct says Misato from Osaka Comment by: Misato    Rated:5/5
GOOD SHIT!! Comment by: Dimsum    Rated:5/5
great. I love it. I can tell this to the punks at school. Comment by: sarah griffith    Rated:5/5
hell fuken Comment by: jpo    Rated:5/5
it's nani mitendayo, not nanio mitendayo Comment by: yosuke   
「nani o miten da you」is fine because the 「を」shows object marker. You could leave it off too and be understood just fine though. Comment by: Bith   
a better way of saying this is "jima jima miru na" which is probably the most bold of offensive way you can say wtf are you looking at. Comment by: qQshA    Rated:3/5
i should say this to my brothers or someone that likes to stater alot. Comment by: yasmin   


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