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Submitted May 30th, 2002 by: Yves

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Language Word/Meaning
Naze : Nose


should be lousy Comment by: me   
I've never heard of that if it means "nose" but otherwise it's very popular as in "C'est naze" (C'est nul, c'est pourri, etc) meaning: That's shit. Comment by: Galle    Rated:3/5
naze also means tired as in "I'm knackered!" Comment by: olga   
ça ne veut pas du tout dire "nez" It doesn't mean "nose" in any case !!! It just means "knackered" or it can mean like in "c'est naze" , "it's lousy" see also "c'est tout naze" = "this is all shit" Comment by: Al   
It definitly doesn't mean "nose"! As Al said, "Je suis naze" means "I'm knackered" or "C'est naze" means "It sucks" Comment by: Mattthefrench    Rated:5/5
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