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"oh crap", shit

Submitted May 2nd, 2003 by: Anonymous


"Kuso" can, in fact, be used to talk about the thing (feces) itself, in addition to being used as an expletive. It's also used in compounds such as "hanakuso" (boogers; literally "nose-shit"), "kusomajime" (overly serious), and "hetakuso" (extremely unskilled or clumsy). Comment by: Nombiri    Rated:3/5
"Kuso" actually means "shit" in both its English senses. "kuso suru" means to "shit" (verb), and you can yell it out as an expletive. Comment by: Rick    Rated:2/5
Umm, actually it is the thing too!! Comment by: Oredazo    Rated:2/5
This is a great four-letter sub for ye olde Anglo-Saxon expletive; it has the force and brevity needed to properly carry one's frustration as well as the English equivalent. Comment by: Valvicus    Rated:5/5
No, it also literally means "shit." This is the kanji: 糞. Comment by: Mike    Rated:1/5
Actually, it doesn't have nearly the force of the English "shit." Little kids say it front of their teachers and parents all the time. It's not polite, but it's a very mild verbal transgression. And the compounds, like "nose shit," "ear shit," and any similar combo you can come up with, are perfectly acceptable--these are the only words for these things that even many adults know. Comment by: Peter   
It's more close to daying "DAMNIT!!" Comment by: Ryry    Rated:3/5
I think "crap" fits the bill. Comment by: J   
"chikuso" is damn it. Comment by: xamoshi   
"chikusho" = damn it Comment by: net   
i thought it was chikushou....=damn it not chikuso or chikusho ---> dont forget the u...-_- Comment by: hitokaji   
"kuso" is just "damn" Comment by: rin   
thank you. these are words i cant find in a regular jisho Comment by: alvin alarte   
this is a good website now i can swear at my teachers in 3 laungeges Comment by: hehehehe   
This is one my favorite words in action anime/manga. Sometimes I even say that to myself in real life. Comment by: Rinako Kusaki    Rated:4/5
kuso is short for chikusho. It can mean shit, f*ck (as in the 'f*ck i dropped something on my foot) or damn/dammit. Comment by: sakii   
If it is a mild expletive, it sounds like a better translation might be "crap." Not necessarily a polite word, but not as dirty as "shit." Comment by: mcw   


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