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Submitted May 30th, 2002 by: Yves


good Comment by: toncky    Rated:5/5
Verlan of "Homme", how they got the "c" in there I have no clue, but it means guy, dude, man as we would say in English Comment by: SS   
"dude" should be the right translation for "mec" Comment by: fred   
it's from the word "meg." a word that was used for "fumeurs/smokers." But the new slang for mec would be quem, though not very popular. Comment by: Franco   
Doesn't "mec" derive from Thirties/Forties US slang "Mac", meaning "mate"? (As in "you gotta light, Mac?") Used in Humphrey Bogart films, Mickey Spillane novels etc and presumably imported into France by US troops in 1944. Comment by: tim d   
I've heard it used to mean "boyfriend" too. Comment by: bilwilphil   
I am from France and yeah I confirm, we (young people) mainly use this word for ''boyfriend'' Here you go :) Comment by: Johanna   
Mec is simply "guy" connotation with boyfriend (in Marseille at least) Comment by: Bidz   
When I lived in Nice, We used it to mean all these things. It was slang for boyfriend in like "my guy." I agree that it was primarily used as we use "Man" USA 1970's, Mate, English Dominion Countries. , ou "dude" today. In Senegal we used "Boi." The same way. In the US, Boy is and insult to a black man if you are white so I am careful not to use that here. My son who is from Dakar uses "Boi" with all his friends back home, and with all his African Friends at College. Comment by: Leigh   
I am shocked, appalled and shocked by the bigotry of this term. How can such a word exclude the female sex (I call them "pros") without being inherently heteropatriarchocapitalist hate speech? Comment by: CJ   


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