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Female sex

Submitted May 30th, 2002 by: Yves

Usage Examples

Monsieur vous êtes un con et c'est vous faire beaucoup d'honneur car vous n'en avez ni la profondeur, ni l'agrément...
Sir, you're a cunt, and it is an honor to you, 'cause you have neither its deepness, nor the agreement...

Additional Translations

Language Word/Meaning
Con : Female sex, asshole, stupid, jerk


"con" is a very complicated cultural term. it has thousands of meanings in all registers (it can go form great insult to deep admiration for example), and there are entire dedicated books about it. The meaning of this word is entirely about the context, the intonation, and so on. There is even a saying that state that a foreigner really master french language when he/she truly master this word Comment by: professional linguist   
Books (or articles, chapters) about "con"? I would *love* to read them! Do have any references? Please? :-) I'm very curious to learn more. Merci bien, Monsieur le Linguiste. Comment by: curious intellectual   
Most of the time it means "idiot" or " jerk". Comment by: Violet   
For a female it is "une conne" -idiote, idiot Comment by: Aikoo   
As an insult, I've seen it defined as "malicious cretin", which is to say, someone who is an idiot and a jerk at the same time. Comment by: Beauroc   
con in latin and english is against. i hope it is not a bigoted asumption that the female curve is the bad one. But that a guy and a gal could go against eachother the wrong way. conard- against the grain is a slight questioning of sexual preference. pene is the prefix for the male , con to connect good or go against. Comment by: CJ   
I am very sorry for my stupid assumption of bigotry based on a total lack of understanding of cultural context. I should probably avoid sites specialising in foreign profanity if I am going to ever stop thinking of all peoples as irredeemably consumed by hatred of their fellow creatures. Nah, sod it, I'll go and preach social justice on tumblr some more Comment by: CJ   
There is also the idiom "con comme une valoche", valoche being slang for "valise". Comment by: mark   
ACtually, "con" means "with" in Latin. "Con" meaning 'against" is actually a shortened form of "contra", which means 'against'. Hating to be CONTRAry! Comment by: Mitch Walker   


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