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Submitted May 30th, 2002 by: Yves

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Bite : Penis


Could you lovely contributors please post pronunciations /proh-nun-see-AY-shunz/, as well? I hate when my relatives laugh at my french skills. Thanks! Pourriez-vous de beaux contribuants s'il vous plait inclure des prononciations /pr3n3'-sja-'sy3/, aussi bien? Je deteste quand mes parents rient de mes qualifications francaises. Merci! Comment by: Phrenchesca Pape   
the right pronunciation buddy is " boo""" Comment by: groponyet   
bout in a way can mean penis. but the most common definition is etremity, or end. For intance, "au bout de la terre" means the farthest end of the earth, or the other side of the earth. And "bout d'une phrase" means end of a sentence. Comment by: Franco   
I thought the slang was "bite"? Comment by: E. B.   
au bout de la terre (end of the penis on earth) is like cul de sac (ass of bag) harsh but clear, eh? Comment by: nancy   
yup the slang for penis is "bite" Comment by: zebest34   
Bout can also be a little bit of something. If you ask somebody " t'as un bout " it will often be interpreted as do you have some drugs, and in most cases, hash. Comment by: Kemar   
Ah yes...Charlotte Gainsbourg dancing topless in Serge's "Love on the BEAT(?)" great year to be in Paris. Comment by: CK   


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