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‘Yariman’ and ‘shirigaru’ are both ways of saying a girl is easy, but yariman is extremely offensive (and gets bleeped out). It’s like calling someone a slut, while ‘shirigaru’, while not exactly polite, is somewhat less rude. ‘Shirigaru’ seems to be slipping out of modern usage but you still hear it on occasion. ‘Yariman’ comes from ‘yari’ (a hotshot or a go-getter) and ‘man’, meaning vagina. [From] STUFF THEY DON’T TEACH YOU IN JAPANESE SCHOOL - WORDS I LEARNED FROM LONDON BOOTS

Submitted November 3rd, 2002 by: Anonymous


Also, YELLOWCAB will get you the madcow look..Means the same, if not worse than YARIMAN. Katagana is the way you will write this out.. Comment by: kc   
I'm pretty sure YARIMAN came from: YARU(遣る) and MAN(万)。If it didn't I'm still going to tell people that 'She did ten thousand'. It's more fun! Comment by: Amber   
u mean kataKANA Comment by: umm   
actually yari is derived from yaru or yarimasu which means to preform or the act of sex. and the man part is correct hehe Comment by: saikou   
man part is actually from manko...see another post... manwhore...or a guy who sleeps with lots of women is a yarichin... chinchin means dick manko means...yeah...opposite. Comment by: miki   


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