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"Of course", "I know", "Yeah, that's right". Shortened slang version of "yappari" and "yahari", usually used to begin a response to a question (e.g. a TV interview). Sometimes used as a sentence connector, meaning: "Of course", "as I thought", "after all is said and done".

Submitted May 25th, 2002 by: Bruce

Usage Examples

Oh baby wait and see, YAPPA itai no wa Iya, dakedo, Risuku ga aru kara koso tatakau hodo ni tsuyoku naru no sa.
Oh baby wait and see, Of course, I don't want to be hurt, but, because there's a risk, I'll become strong by fighting.
From the Song Wait & See ~RISUKU~ by Hikaru Utada  


I wonder if thats where the english word , yep, comes from? Comment by: O.J. #1   
most likely they stole it from us Comment by: rphinks   
it should be YABBA not YAPPA.. =) Comment by: raenxia    Rated:5/5
"Yappa pe, yappa pe, ii shan ten" - Ranma Nibun no Ichi (Sugoi ne?) Comment by: Kimijima Rei <3   
it's a derivative of 'yahari', meaning apparently, or obviously. Comment by: jap   


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