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"No way", "Yuk", "That's gross", "Enough already". Often said by a person that doesn't want to do something, e.g. by a child being forced to eat their vegetables.

Submitted May 26th, 2002 by: Bruce

Additional Translations

Language Word/Meaning
Yada : 싫어! 아 정말 싫어!


Host brother says this often Comment by: Willy    Rated:4/5
I don't think this is said by men. I think it's more of a young child (girl or boy) or women. Comment by: kagakun    Rated:4/5
i start off learnin japanese from their porno, one of the word they use the most on the bed lol. Comment by: martin   
@ kagakun - depends upon the man & his level of innocence I guess. Personally I've heard it from younger to older, including men.. (granted, they weren't really MANLY men, but yeh..) Comment by: eriberri   
its いやだ。And you're right, its usually used by children and girls, but I have heard older guys say it too. Comment by: Rob   
Well this probably shouldn't go under "Iyada," but "Iya" is kind of slang, I guess. Like when you say "well no, it's rather this way...." while talking to someone, you would use "Iya." I think it's a branch off of "Iiye," not "Iyada." I don't know lol, the Japanese I know/learn is from what I hear around me, when I go to Japan/ talk to my mum. Comment by: Miki   
it was orginally "iya da" but it's been shortened colloquially to "yada" Comment by: sottovoce   
Is this where the English term "yadda yadda yadda," comes from? As in "etc. etc. etc" or "blah blah blah"? Comment by: NT124   
lol no it's completely different from the english phrase. and i use "iya" all the time in talking. for instance "iya, sou nan ja nai yo" which means "it's not like that" in english. in that sense, i hear adults use it all the time. but iyada not so much, except older women still seem to use it, it's very rare to see a man(who isnt homo) using it xD Comment by: xcurior   
My Japanese friends use this all the time, and it seems to be even more interchangeable. They seem to use it as a response to almost anything (unless something is really cool, of course; "sugoi", "sugee", "kakkoii" etc.). My female friends use it often, but I've heard guys use it too. Comment by: PoliSci   
it comes from 嫌、usually something you dont like, if you can read kanji its easy to figure out Comment by: jun   


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