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The actual word for lie is "uso" not "usou". The kanji is "嘘" and the hiragana for it is "うそ". When used in an exclamation, it may sound as if the second syllable is longer and emphasized.

Submitted May 19th, 2005 by: Tsubomi

Additional Translations

Language Word/Meaning
Uso : You're kidding! It's a lie!


sometimes, we use "usso!" うっそ.... usso majide?! Comment by: n   
ya in manga's ive read, a lot of school girls use "usso maji" xD i got that stuck in my head forever. tho i think it's a more popular phrase among females, i dont think it's weird for males to use it. Comment by: xcurior   
My Japanese friends use "uso" all the time. I think I hear guys say it more than girls, but it's used by both genders. Comment by: PoliSci   


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