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turtles head

Meaning that the need to expel faeces is becoming urgent - the turtles head refers to the first showing of the stool outside the anus "I need to get to the loo quick , I can feel the turtles head"

Country Code:GB
Submitted July 6th, 2003 by: Anonymous

Usage Examples

First things first. Where's your shitter. I've got a turtle poking out.
From the Movie Austin Powers2 - The Spy Who Shagged Me by Fat Bastard  


Also known as ground hoggin. Comment by: Jez A Bell   
in the states we also call it perry dog. Comment by: shapree    Rated:2/5
It's PRAIRIE DOG you tit? What in God's name is a Perry Dog? Comment by: Dave    Rated:5/5
I'm prairie doggin' it!!! Comment by: W   
We have loads of phrases for this. "Signing the cloth" was one of the funniest. Comment by: Andy   
Yeah in Canada it's prarrie doggin...I hate when that shit pun intended Comment by: CRIX   


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