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threw me my first life line

the first person to help someone in despair.

Submitted October 15th, 2002 by: Anonymous

Usage Examples

Mrs. Flowers was a frequent visitor to Mrs. Henderson’s store. She noticed the silent child and decided to help her realize that the human voice is an instrument to used. Maya spent her afternoons with Mrs. Flowers. This was during the time in her young life when she would not talk to anyone but her brother, Bailey, for over a year, this silence occurred after she had been raped by her mother’s friend. Because of this, Mr. Freeman was found murdered supposedly by her uncles and this contributed to her year of silence among other things. For nearly a year I sopped around the house, the store, the school, and the church, like an old biscuit, dirty and inedible. Then I met, or rather got to know the lady who THREW ME MY FIRST LIFE LINE.
From the Book Caged Bird by Maya Angelou  
"Since decent housing in a third class country was so expensive at the time, it had been at least three – no, four years since my grandparents had moved into our house. It was during that fourth year that I EXPERIENCED MY FIRST MAJOR LIFELINE."
From the Book My First Lifeline by Joe Pena  



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