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that sucks

"lousy", something that's no good.

Submitted February 13th, 2004 by: Anonymous


That sucks means that something is not good. "The food at that restaurant sucks." OR "That brand of computers sucks." It has nothing to do with sex. Comment by: Joe    Rated:1/5
The word 'sucks' is in such common, casual usage these days that the sexual connection has been obscured and forgotten, but I well remember the original form of the term, commonly written on bus shelters in broad felt-tip by teenagers. It was personal then "(insert name of either gender here) sucks cocks." It wasn't an advert; it was an insult. It's been abbreviated to 'sucks' and has shed its coarse origins, but as it would be essentially meaningless without them (iow, the word 'suck' has no other negative associations from which its current meaning could spring; it's just an innocent verb, e.g. "The pump sucks water from the stream." "The baby sucked at its mother's breast."), the second word of the phrase, 'cocks', is effectively built into the slang word 'sucks', whether it's visible or not. Few people actually think about, let alone investigate, the etymology (word origins) of the words they use; I do, aided by the Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology. Comment by: Gairlochan    Rated:2/5


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