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Submitted June 23rd, 2004 by: strain7854


I thought this was a slang dictionary?! wtf is a regular word like "uniform" doing in it? Comment by: clubikimakuri    Rated:1/5
Probably because it comes from 'sailor fuku' so it's a little like a slang for uniform Comment by: Chimame   
Nope. It's not a slang word. Gakusei (Student) + fuku (Clothing) = Gakusei no fuku = Seifuku Comment by: Speedy    Rated:1/5
i think speedy just explained that "seifuku" IS in fact a slang because it's sort for "gakusei fuku", no? lol Comment by: yu   
No, seifuku () is standard and isn't from gakusei (w). They're different kanji and I've heard seifuku used for things other than school. Comment by: Prismatic   
I read that Seifuku means '(to) conquer' so maybe it's used as "win", Like in winner? Comment by: someone    Rated:3/5


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