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Submitted February 18th, 2004 by: Anonymous


Wicked! Especaily used with a british accent! Deffinetly not obtuse with my vocabulary! Comment by: KT    Rated:5/5
yeah this is my favorite word ever Comment by: alyssa    Rated:5/5
Definitely.. is the correct spelling Comment by: hellyeahme   
It's 'grotty'. Short for 'Grotesque'. As used by George Harrison in 'A Hard Day's Night'. The pronounciation 'scrotty', I assume, comes from the answer to the question, "What do you think to that?", "S'grotty', short for 'It is grotty' -> 'It's grotty' -> 'S'grotty'. Comment by: Mouldy   
Is this the dirty as in filthy or dirty as in promiscuous. Comment by: Julia   


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