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English slang for the Common Newt (aka the Spotted newt or the smooth newt)

Country Code:GB
Submitted February 4th, 2004 by: Anonymous


evat/ nice? wtf is a newt ... common or spotted? Comment by: james   
A newt is a kind of lizard/salamander. Comment by: Hongroise   
a newt is a small amphibious lizard shaped creature that lives in areas with lots of moisture but rarely living in submersion for long periods of time unless you count the mud puppies they pretty much live in water full time..... anyways they are a close relative to the salamander in fact i think one is a subspecies of the other but i cant remember right now.... but yes its a small slimy lizard looking thing. Comment by: camon   
Sorry never heard the word nice used for a newt. Maybe regional, definitely not national. Comment by: hellsbells   
What is the British fascination with Newts, any way? In the US, we have one Newt called Gingrich, and the one is sufficient. Comment by: Downstrike   
a newt is an ambhipian, and though lizard like in shape, it is not related to them. they are related to salamanders, frogs, sirens, and toads. theyre normally found under rocks or logs in smallbodies of fresh water or in the mud. they must keep their skin moist or they will die. Comment by: victoria r   
Absolutely right, Downstrike..however, I think that particular Newt qualifies more as a 'reptile' than amphibian. ;o)4 Comment by: Saoirse   
Yep, I\'m British, and if I ever tell my mum she looks nice, she slaps me in the face. Comment by: Wouldn'tItBeCrestedNewt   


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