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from the common Slavic woman's name, an Eastern European prostitute, or any Eastern European/Slavic woman.

Submitted July 17th, 2002 by: Anonymous


My name is Natasha , i want to go to Turkey for vacations. Should i change the name or pretend i am Serap or Seher? Thank you Natasha Comment by: Natasha Ivanova   
turkish men will eat u:)) Comment by: imdit   
After collapse of U.S.S..R. due to some reasons there was a rush to Turkey esp.Black Sea Region.100%of these women came from old U.S.S.R republics esp russia ukraine and belarus.Turks names these women ' natasha' a common name in Russian language.Natasha word is being currently usiedin a slang way ,equivalent of prostitute.In my opinion u had better change or use another name that sounds more Turk like u wrote here.Turks have prejudice against russians some.but it idepends on the plave where u is ok at summer places and south but in inner anatolia or some specific places it is still being used.hope i could help you some. Comment by: Akn   
@imdit: if I go by my last bf they'll do a damn fine job of it, too! Comment by: Squee    Rated:4/5
This is a bullshit!Im Ukrainian and I've been working in Turkish company more than for 3 years and I never heard such a lame thing.Maybe somewhere in Turkish mountains locals still use thisname in bad meaning but in big cities u will never hear the name Natasha as insult... Comment by: Olena   
Olena if you watched Tuırkish News channel or read newspapers, you should have seen even in there too. We use that word in every where, city, village or rural places whereever you call it. Maybe your collegues hiding or dont want to say. Comment by: whocares   
I agree, the name Natasha unfortunately has taken a bad form here in Turkey. You can not change the bias against any culture once it sets itself in the culture. I have spent many years in the US and it is the same thing with the Chinese not being able to drive and African Americans all are gang bangers. People forget that a person should not be judged by where they are from or what their name is, only character matters... Comment by: Lycan   
This is the most ignorant, small-minded and downright racist thing I have ever come across. How on earth can you take a name that is popular and admired all over the Western world, such as the UK, America, Canada, Australia, France and Germany and corrupt it to such an extent. Shocking but most of all sad in its myopia. Comment by: TheVoiceofReason   
Dear Natasha, You have an absolutely beautiful name. No vacation is worth adopting a pseudonym or pretending to be someone else. Be who you are, conduct yourself with elegance and grace and show people how false their preconceptions are. If people nevertheless treat you with anything but the utmost respect, my advice would be to find another holiday destination. The world is full of beautiful places. Comment by: AnswertoNatasha   
This is not really accurate. It's more like Jane doe in the USA. It does not widely mean prostitute. Comment by: Ahmed    Rated:1/5
I am from turkey but I never heard that name used as a bad word. Comment by: trojan horse   
People with bad intentions or low mental performance can sometimes use the name "natasha" for "prostitute". Comment by: menatkhufu   


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