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testicles, "balls"

Submitted February 10th, 2004 by: Anonymous

Usage Examples

Wolfman's got nards.
After kicking The Wolfman in the groan, the boy is surprised that The Wolfman has testicles.
From the Movie Monster Squad by Fred Dekker  


Shouldn't this be "Nads" not "Nards"? Comment by: Coops    Rated:1/5
nards!! wot the hell is nards? wtf ? bethan kt aimee and kimbaluxx Comment by: katie    Rated:1/5
Acually "nards" is quite the popular term for testicles amongst the elementary school kids - from my friend, an elementary school teacher. Comment by: jane   
Don't know wth nards are but nads is pretty common for gonads, i.e. testicles, in all English speaking countries. Comment by: Gretchen   
Yeah, I've heard both. Comment by: victoria   
It was always Nads - The first time I heard Nards was after it was broadcast on the Simpsons and Beavis and Buthead un UK TV. Comment by: Dave B   
Maybe the English put an"r" in nads (short for gonads) like they put an "r" in ass (arse)? Comment by: Suzi-Q   
When I was in elementary school in Washington State we used 'nards' all the time referring to testicles. Comment by: Dawn   
"Wolfman's got nards!" - Monster Squad (film) Comment by: Courtney   
I remember Nards being a popular term. Nads is a similar term. Comment by: Tim    Rated:4/5
nads. not nards. you nerd. Comment by: FeebleBones    Rated:4/5
You people need to learn how to spell British! Its only got on T! Brittish just looks silly! Twats Comment by: Lou   
I've heard both "nads" and "nards" in the USA. I wouldn't call this British Slang. Comment by: O Hai   
it is nads you plonker not nards wtf!! Comment by: Charlie Brown   
Deffo NADS. Nards may have made it into our English slang after it was broadcast on tv from usa. Comment by: hellsbells   
deffo NADS in englkish slang. Never heard of nards. May have come over from american TV Comment by: hellsbells   
In the southwest US, I've heard nads the most, but as another commenter stated, the nards movie quote, becomes popular with elementary school boys who like to show off new slang skills (mostly the acquisition of the latest potty mouth word). Comment by: Kevin    Rated:3/5
i've honestly never heard of this "nards" of which you speak. i'm pretty sure it's "nads" Comment by: wtf are nards   
I've heard and used both, "nards" and "nads" here in the US. I think of 'nards' as more polite, but only slightly. Comment by: That Guy   
Growing up in California in the '60s we used nards in elementary school, could be US slang. Comment by: jr   
'Nards'...Never heard of it. Sadly I've come to the conclusion that this site is a load of kack....Slang for shit Comment by: NeilH   
Elementary? Notice the British flag please and in Great Britain we call them Nads!! Comment by: 123   
Ahahahah Nards! What a joke!! Comment by: Dave    Rated:1/5
Nads = short for "gonads" (which is why so many intramural college sports teams are named "nads"). Nards = backgammon, an ingredient in perfume, the National Association of Rudimental Drummers, among many other things. See Wikipedia. Nards CAN also be used as a variation on "nads" (i.e., testicles). See Urban Dictionary. Comment by: siegfriednotes    Rated:3/5
I actually said nards as a child myself, this was in eastern U.S. though. Have not heard nards in ages but nads has been reasonably frequent as well. Comment by: Thomas   
i've heard nards over here in the u.s. Comment by: victoria r   
It's both, but "nads" is much more common in England. "Nards" is used more often in Fat Persons Land. Comment by: Roscoe   
Pretty sure it's "nads." Short for "gonads." Comment by: greenlinnet   
Liz Lemon says nards. Comment by: Fred B Ipik   


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