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to underestimate(lit. "to lick"); to kid sbd, namerareu mon ka? "Who you're kiddin'?"

Submitted June 26th, 2002 by: Anonymous


No. The first one is right. Another Japanese buddy taught me how to tell someone, "Don't take me for a fool just because I am Gaijin." Of course, he taught me temee in the same sentence....... don't use temee by the way. Comment by: Rob   
or kisama w Comment by: gaikoku-jin   
Why not use Kisama, Omae etc. Would you tell someione going to the UK never to use the word "wanker"? Sometimes you need to let someone know that their attitude or behave is inappropriate - these words let the receipient know that quick time! By example, some rude f*ck pushed past by 2 year old daughter in a subway queue - I think I was entirely justified to hit the asshole with an "Omae" - he was lucky that's all he got! These words are to be used sparingly, but they exist so why limit them to Japanese only... Strange censorship you wish to impose.... Comment by: Tom   


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