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Submitted September 14th, 2003 by: Anonymous


Language Word/Meaning
モム : お母さん


also in mississippi- means to keep quiet, as in "keep mum about the robbery" Comment by: Dude   
Also used in the US depending what area of the country you're in Comment by: Feisty   
I've heard that all over the place. Loads of people in Canada use that. Comment by: Kat   
Actually, we Canadiaans use "Mom" Comment by: Brandi Dude   
I'm Canadian. I say both depending on how I'm feeling. Comment by: KP   
I'm Canadian and I say 'mum' and spell 'mum Comment by: sandray   
I use mum as well, as many Canadians still do. Comment by: Canadian Girl   
Almost all Americans use mom for mother. Comment by: Suzi-Q   
South Texan here... When not speaking Spanish, people in our area generally say 'mum' instead of 'mom'. Comment by: Elle   
I definitely say 'Mum'.... and I live in Canada. But then again, I'm of British family background. Comment by: Rey   
who the hell cares about Canada? Comment by: kingham   
im an american and i've lived quite a few places, and i've never heard an american say "mum" it's always been mom, mother, ma dukes. Comment by: ag   
dats pretty common all over, also in India it is also used as a reference to water/milk to the babies. Comment by: p.s   
Been living in Texas all my life and the only thing I have heard or used is Mom. The only time I have ever heard Mum, is in the movies or listening to the news in the U.K. I would find it highly unusually to hear someone from South Texas say Mum, I couldn't get around the British accent that I have associated with hearing Mum pronounced. Comment by: Kevin   
much easier on the mouth muscles to say mum Comment by: theresa   
Also, Australians use mum. Comment by: GAH-ROAR!   
In most of the US, a mum is a Chrysanthemum; a flower. Comment by: Downstrike   
I live in America, I use mum and Mom. But, I use "mum" as more of an endearing, loving term. Like, "Yes, mum, I'm coming~" or "Mum, will you look here for a moment?" I use mom when I'm complaining about something, or upset. :P Comment by: Alice Wakeshima   
get a lfe u people, american suck, they wouldn know slang if it bit them in the but, and canadians b unique no need to follow the bad foot steps of the sad people of the usa Comment by: joe   
yeah canadians say it it a commonwealth thing?? Comment by: rikki   
As a Canadian, I say "Mum" and spell it in a similar fashion. Mom is American. Comment by: Big Bob    Rated:4/5
Im from the philippines and that's how i call my mom... Comment by: JayDee   
Im from the philippines and that's how i call my mom... Comment by: JayDee   
Also used by Aussies Comment by: Azza   
(Georgia, USA) I say Mum on occasion, but I usually say Mom. Other people around me say "Mama/Momma(people spell it differently)" or "Ma" I even sometimes call my mother "Mummy" when being silly. Comment by: urmum    Rated:5/5
We Canadians use this quite frequently as well. Comment by: Luke   
Also South Texan. we say mum or 'mum's the word' for 'keep quiet' and mom for mother. Comment by: IrishRogue49   
what about when mum is used as a term of respect? Comment by: Willow   
I'm from the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area and we call our mothers, Mama or Momma. Comment by: BK   
It's used in Alaska by quite a few people, I myself use it occasionally ^.^ Comment by: Flighty    Rated:3/5
Short form of "Mummy" (Mother) Comment by: Nickrs   


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