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"pussy", vagina

Submitted June 26th, 2002 by: Anonymous

Usage Examples

I'd like to get some pussy tonight
manko wo nametai desu


wicked word, i titwank on ur mum Comment by: pussylicker   
best ever in the chines world Comment by: kevin   
Brilliant, im going to Tokyo just to get some Ma n ko :D Comment by: I Wuv Asian Girlees    Rated:5/5
'Manko' can also mean whore Comment by: Soji   
Someone said: "best ever in the chines world" You mean Japanese. -.-'' anyway this is a very gross perverted word and id nvr use it Comment by: Kakushi    Rated:1/5
My Japanese buddy explained that it is a word that guys will use around their guy friends because its not only rude, but you can easily piss a girl off in no time flat by using this word. Comment by: Rob   
I said this to my girlfriend and she slapped me. Some girls don't seem to mind so much though. A bit like cunt in English I guess. Comment by: tanaka   
man = 10000, ko = times. This has to do with female masturbation. By any means avoid this word if you're not fluent in the language. This is a "good word" for using within a very close group of male friends with severe intellect deprivation. Comment by: rakuda   
Idiots say foul words to girls; however, if she is still with that loser, then she is more of a loser. If some girls "don't mind so much" but most do, then dont say it. One need not be intelligent or a True Ladies-man Playa-fo-real to get that one right. Comment about Intellect deprived guys using it...I like that. Add also Loving deprived, As I am sure they are. Vulgar guys are lucky in their little minds to just get skanks. I curse a lot, but only in proper context and with descretion about which to share and when. Idiots are everywhere; I hate idiots; ergo, I am going to be pissed-off often and curse. Not when happy, or goofing-off in front of adults, whom have not proven themselves deserving of disrespect, like most of the retarded middle-schoolers in my neighborhood or college dropouts from the plutocracy. It should not be cool to anyone to say something just because it is offensive. Thats the most common aka boring idea that comedians and kids act on. It stood out in the 70's and a bit in the 90's. The next-gen should be BETTER than the previous one. Not admit defeat and be worse which is wholly too easy. Slang should be truly new anyway. Most is taking an existing word and using in place of a superior existing word; And can people please start using slang for something other than interesting. In English it has been: wizard, neat, neato, zippy, groovy, hip, nice, cool/ hot!?, sugar, sweet, jazz, far-out, solid, right-on, dope, fresh, def, fly, tight, that's da...(bomb, sh#t, et cetera), funky, funktified, wild, crazy, insane, psychodelic, Trippy, spaced-out, Out-of-this-world (see trite repetition anyone), electric, super, awesome, radical, gnarly, tubular, ill, sick, wicked, bad, bada#$, stupid, even 'boss' had a little run a while back. Seems like all slang aside from cool dies out and makes you old in the future, except for cool, which is hackneyed, but still in common use; and normal, proper words that don't die in a lifetime and make you sound non-stupid. Comment by: The-Apotheosis   
Sir, its quite obvious you have some form of autism. Comment by: kansaigai   
During my newbie Nampa days, I met a J-chick in a cafe who was teaching a lady French. When the student got up to use the restroom, I swooped in and started chatting the J-chick up. She told me her name was "Manko". When she did, her tone of voice changed. At that moment, I hadn't realized what she just had told me. She asked me to wait an hour for her to finish teaching her student, so we could "get to know each other" more. Instead of waiting, I told her to e-mail me when she was done. I gave her my e-mail and went off with my friends. Two hours later, I realized what her name meant and that she was trying to tell me that she was DTF. She never e-mailed me. I always kick myself in the balls whenever I'm reminded of this story, but I think it's hilarious at the same time Lol Comment by: jayjaej    Rated:5/5


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