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Canada's one-dollar coin has an image of a common loon, Canada's national bird, on the back.

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Submitted February 9th, 2004 by: Anonymous


It was originally going to be a fur trader in a canoe, but they lost the mint on the day they were going to start making the coins... so the loon was used instead. Comment by: Alice    Rated:4/5
"They lost the mint"??? Well it's still in the same place in Ottawa, easy enough to find. It was used because it's a species found throughout Canada and it differentiates the coin from the earlier silver dollars which had the Voyageurs and their canoe on the obverse. Comment by: Whitbydave   
You didn't seriously just say "lost the mint," did you? Seriously? Wow... Comment by: Canadaaaa   
There's also a mint in Winnipeg. Comment by: ...   
Yes, they lost the original picture. lol It was in my High School agenda's "did you know"section. Comment by: Alice    Rated:4/5
Canada doesn't have a national bird. We only have a national animal; ie the beaver Comment by: Liz   
canadas national bird seems to be the middle finger Comment by: mike   
canadas national bird seems to be the middle finger Comment by: mike   
Does anyone else find it ironic that US quarters have been produced at the Royal Canadian Mint? Comment by: jim   
There were 4 dies cast for the Courier de Bois Dollar coin. Canada Post lost one of the dies between Ottawa & Winnipeg. They couldn't stamp a coin with an authentic die missing. If someone else had it, they could have forged coins. The 'Loonie' was the 2nd choice submitted by an artist from Echo Bay, Ontario. Comment by: NSFiddler   
From Wikipedia, it states that it was not the mint that was lost, but the plates which were lost on the way to tbe mint by the courrier service (Canada Post??). The decision to use the loonie was in order to avoid conterfits. Comment by: Randifer   
The loon is on the front the queen is on the back Comment by: Bob   


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