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"Gross". This is a "bad word". Some schools prohibit the use of this word. If used to describe a person, it means: extremely ugly and weird.

Submitted July 1st, 2002 by: Anonymous


Don't forget that the word kimoi comes from two words smushed together -- kimochi and warui. Comment by: Dan Monahan    Rated:4/5
In Kansai the use Kishoi Comment by: Mizuta   
Hard to translate, unpleasantly SLIMY? I would say. In context, ( i was chatted up by a Kimoi guy, yuck!!) kimoi hito ni hanashikakerareta, Girls' talk . Comment by: deibitto   
I didn't know that kimoi was a bad thing to say and when i said it in front of my homestay mom i got a pretty lengthy lecture. be careful where you use it -.-" and as dan said, in front of adults say kimochi warui. bad feeling Comment by: :/   
wouldn't mazui be a "safe" word to use? i often hear it in anime for this type of thing. Comment by: SteelGolem   
well, "mazui" if for when a situation is bad. Comment by: yamiko aizawa    Rated:2/5
Kimoi is not so bad and it would not be prohibitted to use it in school.but u need to use it at proper place... Comment by: shu   
Would you still use the word "kimoi" if you wanted to call someone "extreamly ugly"? I'm writing a story and one of my characters is pretty fresh from Japan. I'll show you what I mean: I, Derek stuttered. Im sorry Miyuki! It took me a minute to realize who you were, really! Miyuki Takara looked at him in contemplation. Hmm, I dont know, yo. What you think Bella? Should I let this kimoi go? (yes, she thinks she's gangster. lol) So, what do I put there? I'm at a loss! =^=() Comment by: Ki-san    Rated:3/5
Kimoi isn't really bad, you just need to know when to use it. It's not the kind of gross used in context with food, that would be "mazui," but to say someone's food is bad in front of them is obviously disrespectful. "Kimoi" is for creepy/gross things or people, and also impolite. Like an creepy old drunk guy on the bus hitting on you would be "kimoi!" >.< Or if a really close friend does something weird, jokingly "kimoi." Comment by: Mii   
きさん、自分で殺してくださ 。 Comment by: ミキ   
Kimoi means "creepy," The Japanese girls at my school say this all the time. Comment by: Mavis    Rated:2/5


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