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To jacked basically means to have something stolen. Like when a car is carjacked, but it can be used in many cases. It can also mean ripped off. "I got jacked. That thing cost me 20 bucks and it broke already." or "Someone jacked my new truck."

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Submitted November 27th, 2006 by: tarapoto


or really beefy/ripped "that guy is totally jacked!" Comment by: sexkitten   
same in the USA Comment by: Sarah   
Its the same in the UK too Comment by: Jack   
VERY common in the USA, in the US it also means messed up, like "Your face is really jacked up". Comment by: lizzy   
if the cops jack you up - you got stopped and asked for ID etc if someone is all jacked up - they are wired and bouncing off the walls usually meaning high and wasted if someone is looking to jack up - they are looking for somewhere to mainline drugs a jacked up vehicle MAY have the suspension raised on it - or it MAY be stolen ... Comment by: Doll   
VERY common in England!! Comment by: Jase   
You can also say " I got hosed" for getting the ripped off Comment by: silentjay   
In the Canadian military, it means being disciplined for some usually minor infraction. As in, "I got jacked up by Master Corporal Bloggins because my beret wasn't properly worn." Comment by: Steve   
down here in the states, my friend michael started saying jacked, and for a school project, we got Canada XD Comment by: Donovan   
Props Lizzy. We use this term in the states for sure. As in "that is JACKED up" = that is messed up. Also sometimes can be a less pleasant reference to a 4 letter f word in relation to something being "f-ed'. Comment by: YO!Americano   
I live in Briish Columbia, and jacked also commonly means someone who works out and has a lot of muscle. Comment by: Melissa    Rated:4/5
At school 'JACKED' means excited :P Comment by: Mackenzie, NFLD   


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