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cool. It's kind of outdated, though

Submitted July 1st, 2002 by: Anonymous


Love it even named my company ikasu Comment by: Imtiaz Lakhanisky    Rated:5/5
'Sugoi' is used for cool now Comment by: Soji   
like 'phat' or 'awesome' Comment by: chin chin   
Sugoi? Isn't kakkoii more like cool? Comment by: mmm    Rated:5/5
sugoi/kakkoii might depend on context. you may say that a movie or situation is sugoi, but that hot guy is kakkoii. Comment by: makoto   
isnt Ikasu Black? Comment by: Hi?   
A similar form I've heard alot is "Iketeru", also used for "cool" or "nice" or "not bad". Aren't both forms of "Iku" ("Go")? Also, there's "Ikemen", which is used for a type of good-looking men, is that related? Comment by: Anna   
HAHA! iie! kuroi ga black desu!! bakka! Comment by: Atsui   
Atsui, do you think you're cool cutting him down because he didn't know that? クロンボ Comment by: ハーパー    Rated:3/5
This word is totally outdated! My parents might have said "Ikasu!" when they were 25 years old. And I'm 35 years old now. "Iketeru" would be better for the 21st century, even though this will sound outdated in five years or so. Comment by: a Japanese    Rated:2/5
@atsui: You spelled "baka" wrong, baka. Comment by: asano_man   
If you stop copying dumb american movie kids and stick with long established language, then you do not have to worry about wasted arguing over whats cool. For cool is always uncool in a short while. In fact the use of totally as an adjective by so many of you posting here, is in fact TOTALLY antediluvian. It's about 15 years or more now. The purpose of language is a tool to communicate as effectively as possible with as many as possible. War is an exception as it requires furtiveness. So regional or Click-ish slang is inferior and likely just some shallow way for normal people especially kids to feel special. Just like weird clothes, piercings, hairdying and tattoos for the most part. I say the term to use is one that is shortest but only if it is not easily confused with similar sounding words. I still speak/write with Watakushi since it links with the great writers and speakers of the past. Those using slang and less and less formal speech are most commonplace. By using watakushi (the old, boring word) I actually get more noticed when I speak by those around and I never do anything just to get attention, but I get it anyway by not trying. Speak to be understood, not to be cool, since cool 9 of 10 times just means stupid, pointless, reckless, and you do not perceive something well enough to define it in real terms. In case you wonder, I am 24 but I thought in this way at 12 years old and have always connected more with those of older age and maturity and those of higher intelligence. If you think you are smart but do not act as such, then you are not. It's all about action. Correctness above personal pleasure. An increasingly rare, yet needed philosophy. I case you reading this think I am too winded and off points, I am, but by intention of response to specific persons (you know who you are). I just used this particular messageboard as a convenient platform. On topic, if ikasu is understood then it is fine. By history of Nippon-go it is an infant word or embryonic. Comment by: Chie   
"hi?" Kuro - black(color) Gan~kuro(slander for african-black) Comment by: gaikoku-jin   
i think that sugoi refers more to 'amazing!' Comment by: neko-chan   
well, sugoi is more like, "amaaazing" whereas kakkoii is more like, "cool" Comment by: AratheS.Dyith    Rated:3/5
I thought iketeru was something like "are you alive??".. though im wrong alot so.... Comment by: ani   
This is legit. I was watching a Japanese movie with subtitles and they used this this word. Comment by: Kiefer Jackson    Rated:5/5


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