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to clean or vacuum - from the Hoover vacuum cleaner

Country Code:GB
Submitted February 14th, 2004 by: Anonymous


well am...a real hoover is here..!yo0o0oh0o0o0o0o Comment by: chrisophylum calleza   
"To hoover" in Canada means to eat very fast and too much, as in "he pigged out by hoovering up all the burgers". Comment by: johnny Canuck    Rated:4/5
To "Hoover" can also be used as a word for oral sex, simular to a "blowjob" Comment by: The Ghost of the English Language   
hoover is a guy who sucks on his girlfriends neck and makes a red mark Comment by: T   
Where I'm from the "red mark on the neck" thing is a 'Hicky' or 'love-bite' Comment by: me   
In America, "to hoover" means to take something by force like the gang leader Larry Hoover Comment by: J.D.   
Hoover also means to vacuum in America. Comment by: victoria r   
to hoover in the US means to eat fast. I call my dog Hoover when he wolfs down his food or I drop something on the floor while cooking and he gets to it before I can pick it up. His real name is Freeway. Comment by: IrishRogue49   
irishwoman here,im sure ye's can guess by my name. but you's can quare and get off yer high horse,yous arent the only wans who say hoover.:) Comment by: pádrígín ní chéallaí   


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