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a fanny is your butt!! whoever the fool was that said it was a vagiana is a lameo!

Country Code:US
Submitted November 21st, 2003 by: Anonymous

Usage Examples

A vagiana? Sounds like some sort of reproductive accordian! Just so everyone knows, BTW, fanny is slang for vagina outside of the U.S. (see UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc.)


Fanny is slang for Vagina in the UK Comment by: Phil    Rated:2/5
Yes, Fanny is another word for your posterior here in the U.S. However, as Phil said, in the U.K. it is a term for the Ova and Pubis of the Female genitalia. Comment by: Arcain    Rated:1/5
It's Vagina..not bum. Maybe in the U.S. and north america, but in England, its vagina! Comment by: Wakes   
"Give her a little pat on the fanny?" Lol? Comment by: Alex   
In England fanny is slang for a vagina, while (for some weird reason) here in the US it's slang for butt. Comment by: katy   
The entry "fanny-correct" is incorrect. "Fanny" correctly means "pussy", front of a girl, in English english, and in Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Australia, India, Africa, West Indies, etc. etc., in general in International English, everywhere in the former British Empire, except in the United States. True, occasional uses in the sense "bum" are recorded in England: e.g. apparently in a play by Noel Coward; but there it could be intended as an Americanism, or as a double entendre; and anyway since Noel Coward was "queer", he is not to be relied on for normal usage. Comment by: Dick   
@Arcain: "ova and pubis" When you say ova, I suspect you mean vulva. Ova would be a reference to ovaries, which has nothing to do with fanny on either side of the pond. Just to be clear for the anatomically challenged, vulva refers to the female exterior bits (labia, clitoris, vaginal introitus, and perineum), and vagina is actually the inside part. Comment by: Spambait   
Fanny is also slang for vagina in Australia... Comment by: Abby   
-in reply to Dick- Not everywhere in the former British empire, in Canada it also means 'bum' rather than vagina. Comment by: John   


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