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to desire someone or something: "I fancy Camilla Parker Bowles."

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Submitted February 22nd, 2004 by: Anonymous


Yankee here, not sure about my neighbors across the pond there but I highly doubt someone FANCIES that dog O.o Comment by: Wyveryx   
who would fancy that cow? Comment by: ash   
Ahh HRH Charles? Comment by: JoAnne   
We use teh term Fancy in the same way but we know it is British Comment by: Kathy   
I really must say I fancy Henry in his new polo. Comment by: Sarah   
oi, to all my brit mates in the uk, i just love using british slang @ work especally "fancy" it really winds the whole lot up! Comment by: dawn lorena    Rated:5/5
We use fancy in Canada too! "Fancy a cup of tea?" or "you fancy him don't ya?" Comment by: 71CANADIAN   
I@ve long suspected Camilla does something right...ahem, she must be the "mutts nutts" in bed. Comment by: St. Lucian    Rated:3/5
Fancy is not always just about desire/attraction/need/want. If there are two boxers and someone is considering placing a bet you can say that you "fancy (think) it will go the distance" or "I fancy (back) the one in the red shorts because he has a better reach". Comment by: Andy    Rated:3/5
@71CANADIAN, I've never heard fancy used this way in Canada before, unless they're trying to imitate a brit (especially regarding tea). Comment by: Mike   
i fancy one direction Comment by: anya    Rated:5/5
what about fancy pants?? Comment by: c monkey   


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