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did a 360

a complete reversal of ones attitude

Submitted July 14th, 2004 by: jimbob


if you do a 360 you end up where you left off...daft ass Comment by: Amy   
Duh. It's still used, though, and science/math/English teachers try to dissuade us/make a joke about it. Lighten up, Miss Amy. Comment by: Megan   
No one says this because it doesn't make senses. Never heard anyone say this that wasn't misspeaking. The correct slang is "did a 180". It's not a complete reversal because a 360 puts you right back where you were. No one says this. Comment by: That Guy   
This means doing one complete rotation ending up right where you were. It is typically used in extreme sports like skateboarding. As in: "He just did a 360 tail whip". It certainly doesn't mean what you think, as that would make no sense. A complete reversal would be a 180. Comment by: blahblah   


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