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Mostly used by outsiders to refer to the city of Calgary, but it is occasionally used by the locals as well. Calgary is surrounded by many ranches and has a large cattle industry and a long rodeo history, which is celebrated yearly at the Calgary Stampede, and that is probably how the town got the nick name

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Submitted November 27th, 2006 by: tarapoto


totally agree, alberta is ran with cow-type people, and drugs. besides, the calgary stampede is well, in calgary. i've never heard of it before, but i wouldn't be surprised if it's actually used. xD Comment by: carissa!    Rated:5/5
i hate this expression! no one in calgary is actually a cowboy. its stereotypical. and fyi, most residents leave town during stampede week Comment by: Eliza   
i'm from just south of cowtown, it's been cowtown to folks across the western states and western canada since i was a kid, and that's been a long while. people don't leave cowtown for the stampede, don't know where you EVER heard that. may not live in cowtown now, but it's a great name for a great city Comment by: annie   
im from N.B and the lil town of sussex is called cowtown, lots of farms and cowboys there! Comment by: becki    Rated:5/5
People DO indeed leave the city during stampede week, the city gets flooded with tourists, motor homes and it's generally a big pain in the ass. I know many people who take that week off and go somewhere more quiet. And the drugs here in Alberta are no different then any other province/city. Look at Vancouver, I bet there are far more drugs in Vancouver then there is in Calgary! Comment by: cowtowngal   
Cowtown is also used to refer to Fort Worth, Texas because of the stockyards there. Comment by: Molly   
Lived in Calgary 30 years now, I've heard this term constantly by natives and outsiders. Also I don't know ANYONE who leaves Calgary during Stampede, we count down to it every year! Comment by: Tricia   
I never leave Calgary for the Stampede, but I've never been there either :). CowTown sounds just right to me, stereotypical as it may be. I would probably become a drug addict if I lived there too :>. Comment by: Mee    Rated:4/5
Ha! In Maryland, we call Annapolis "Naptown". This is the Canadian equivalent. Comment by: Annabelle   
It's not terribly uncommon to see old guys dressed like Texas oil tycoons out here in Calgary, so the stereotype isn't entirely inaccurate. It would probably be better suited to rural areas of Alberta, however. For the most part, Calgary is culturally similar to other major cities in Canada, just a bit more conservative (but not as conservative as you might think). Comment by: NDG   


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