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jerk-off, bastard, dumbass, asshole

Submitted June 29th, 2002 by: Anonymous


I thought it was more like "cunt" in the non anatomical sense Comment by: Muzza    Rated:4/5
connards is used in the french subtitle in the movie das boot...the english for that part of the movie is "scared fu##ers"... Comment by: mta   
Connard is actually all of them, it's a very widespread word, derived from "con" (dumbass, stupid jerk etc. etc.) plus the suffix "-ard" generally adding a slightly pejorative touch to words. Connard can be translated by a lot of words in English, like dumbass, asshole, f*cker, even motherf*cker (but "fils de pute" is closer to the latest), cunt, jerk, bastard (close to "bâtard" too). Connard is one of the most used insult there in France. Comment by: alex   
homophobic and misogynist(bigotry hate of women? con means against or with . the oposite sex. if one asumes women are the oposition they proved themselves sexist. point, if the word comes from another related to her body.( that is cun really is there a word for connect or against relted to the male form? con may men interact with or against.only. so all slang is " rubbing me the wrong way" Comment by: CJ   
cun, has relation to the female sex. con means move with or against, ard means bold. con(ne, conarde, all words for someone going against you the wrong way. a dick, is the male sex, but what is a supost word for oposition based on his anatomy. again? What sexism lies in the poster or culture the the opposition is feminine and a male can't be negative with out acting female. female is positive as in pros. Comment by: CJ   
"Female is positive as in pros" "Pro" refers in UK English to women who have sex for money- "pro" as in short for "prostitute" and "professional". Calling all women whores? Who's the bigot now, CJ? I'm going to tell all my social justice comrades on tumblr about your horrible statement. Comment by: Captain Jack   


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