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"dick", penis, "wee-wee" - child's word for penis.

Submitted June 26th, 2002 by: Anonymous

Usage Examples

Chin chin na okideskarn


i like this word because in in my name Comment by: Chin-Chin    Rated:5/5
this word can also describe a dog's trick which in English can be "stand" Comment by: taz0x    Rated:4/5
I use this all the time along with "Bokki" Which means erection. ^^ Comment by: yumeitsumo   
chin-chin taberu Comment by: ichinichi   
LOL@ chin-chin taberu! Comment by: mai   
chin-chin teberu means eat my dick... (",) Comment by: brando   
can you translate this two line? chin chin ooki sukunai ne... chin chin tabeshmastaka ne.... a friend of mine has been playing this joke on me and won't tell me the meaning of it, can anyone help translate the 2 lines above? Comment by: John Tan   
lolI'm so going to call my brother this Comment by: Moonlight    Rated:5/5
'chinchin ooki sukunai ne' - 'there are fewer people with big dicks, huhH' 'chinchin tabemas ka ne' - literally: 'you eat dick, huhH' But: shaburu (like a baby sucking his finger) kuwaeru (to hold in your mouth like a dog) nameu (to lick) are more popular than taberu when talking about dick. Comment by: tokyo-t   
Chinchin ga tabetai ka? xDD Comment by: lool   
How do u say: can i suck your dick? Comment by: Kaara   
chin chin tabetai ka??>>>> did you eaten dick??? Comment by: hiroshi   
@lool HAI! >> Comment by: NB   
How do you say dick head.... I say that a lot and shithead too. Just curious :D Comment by: Meow   
Can someone please tell me what 'Chin chin kimochii desu' means? I know it measn like your penis feels good but I need to be sure. Thanks Comment by: Furippu   
how can you say= would you like me to lick your dick? Comment by: kari   
well chin chin ooki sukunai ne means you chin chin is not that big and... chin chin tabeshmastaka ne means did you eat chin chin? you already know the meaning of chin chin heheh... Comment by: meriki   
"chinchin taberu" means "im going to eat dick"... if ever, you'd say "chinchin taberou" if you're telling someone else to eat your dick... which i assume you are. Comment by: lol   
ahaha ,,did you know? italian people, say 'cin cin' (wich is pronounced as chin chin in japanese) during a toast... it's like 'kanpai' in japanese.. Comment by: Laura    Rated:4/5
When I was a little girl I was told that chin chin was your privates. I was raised to call it that and so I this time I have beed saying dick? It's pronounced chEEn chEEn right? Comment by: karencity   
Oh gosh....I will be careful to not use this or say anything that sounds remotely similar. O.o If I did it would not go over well. Only say it if you don't mind being rude or don't mind having people avoid you like the plague while giving you very nasty stares, because I bet that's what would happen. Comment by: Sarah   
Gosh. Shouldn't it be "chin-chin o tabete?" Otherwise it's not a command, and sounds more like "I eat dick" xD And I doubt you want to go around saying that! Comment by: aineko   
Actually brando & ichinichi chinchin taberu means I eat dick. Taberu should be tabete, then it would be eat dick, but for your translation it would be ore no chinchin (wo, optional) tabete Comment by: Cha-Otoko   
chin chin budha budha so-sa-jeh? Comment by: bill   
taz0x: I think it means "beg"... at least that's what I saw somewhere Comment by: wowaname   
Sorry folks, but (CHIN CHIN is vagina) and (CHINKO is penis) :) Comment by: chinko   


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