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"cherry" is associated with virginity for both male and female but it is not neccesarily a sexual term. It originates from the female hymen, a blood filled sac inside the vagina that is broken during the "first" penetration of the vagina, the hymen is round and red, thus the name "cherry", but it is also widely applied to the act of passage, experiecing ANY first time experience, "poppin' your cherry", is doing something for the first time.

Submitted June 12th, 2004 by: onetrickpony


That's a lie. Look up hymen. Comment by: Emma    Rated:1/5
what!??! since when is a hymen a blood filled sac that is pierced during sex????? (i'm female by the way) Comment by: sam   
Please! The hymen is a thin membrane that partially closes off the vaginal opening in most girls. When it's burst (for whatever reason) it bleeds. Occasionally a girl will have an "imperforate hymen" which *must* be pierced in some way before menarche to allow menstrual blood to flow. Comment by: dbeierl   


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