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A noun used, somewhat derogatorily as a term for a fan of the Vancouver Canucks ice hockey club. Mostly used by fans of other Canadian clubs

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Submitted November 27th, 2006 by: tarapoto


a cucklehead is someone who isn't that smart or did something stupid Comment by: maddy   
Canucks fans call themselves [ca]nuckleheads all the time. ("I'm a nucklehead, through and through.") We really don't care if other fans mean it in a derogatory way. If it distinguishes us as true Canucks fans, we're all for it. Comment by: Gina    Rated:3/5
I've seen this used in a bunch of ways, but the oldest place was the issue of the old X-Men comics preluding the dark phoenix saga where cyclops and Marvel Girl/Phoenix (Jean Grey) got married and wolverine (Logan), (the only Canadian X-Man) wrote a note referring to himself as a 'canucklehead' but that was as a joke. So it can be used both ways, as an insult or as a compliment. I personally use it as a compliment. Comment by: Mel    Rated:3/5
ummm, anyone? Comment by: canucklehead    Rated:5/5
I find it very interesting and funny Comment by: someone    Rated:4/5


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