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Submitted November 7th, 2002 by: Anonymous

Usage Examples

prepare yourselfs for this one, get two empty burgerking or McDonalds drink cartons along with the tops and two straws. Now get a straw, make a hole in both of the cartons at the bottom of the cup, but make one higher than the other. Place the lids on both cups, on the cup with the lower whole connect a straw leading up to the higher placed cuphole (secure the straw with bluetack at either sides). Now connect a straw to the lowest hole cup at the top. On the highest hole cup attach the burner mentioned above to the top of the cup (secure with bluetack). Now fill the lower hole cup with water till it reaches past the straw, now fill your burner and have a blast. This will get you mashed like a bitch, :) good smoking fellow stoners.
From the Magazine The Burger King Bong by Oliver  



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