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"i will do you": fuck you.

Submitted July 18th, 2002 by: Anonymous

Usage Examples

fuck face
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Additional Translations

Language Word/Meaning
بكنمت : i will do you


pic sex Comment by: amin    Rated:5/5
how do you say "i really want you to f*ck me" in persian/farsi;let me know?thanks just truying to throw in something spicy for my man Comment by: Shawna   
khayli mikham bigayidiim Comment by: Yahya   
Can someone please tell me how to say I want to please your every desire in faris Comment by: jessica   
mikham hame jooreh behet hal bedam Comment by: Dokhtare Bahal   
how to say the phrase "f*ck me"? Comment by: stacie   
"mano bokon or bokonam" --- "Do Me" "Mikham bet bedam" --- "I want to give it to you" Comment by: kiarash   
ANYONE please.... Whats does "kobetmizaram ziiiyad" mean in english? (Its farsi slang apparently) Thanks in advance Comment by: Andres Alvarez   
Can someone please translate "Too koon e molla chape sho" in English? Thanks! Comment by: Joe   
@stacie Man ro bokon... or slang it up more by saying "man o bokon" Comment by: Soosmal   
Can someone tell me what Kooneshoon pareh mikoni means? Comment by: Jonah   
Man to ro bokonam....what does this mean? Comment by: Anna   
mano bokon:) Comment by: spw   


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