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female dog

Submitted November 20th, 2002 by: Anonymous


yeah that's not what it is supposed to mean. You say it to someone when they are beeing totally rude (usually to a girl) Comment by: st    Rated:5/5
That's not slang, that's the actual definition Comment by: get it right   
the definition which no one uses is a 'female dog'. but its used when a girl is being rude or very mean, you call her a bitch, or say that she's being bitchy. Comment by: emma   
It's also used against guys when they're pussy, or whiny, often combined with "little", like "what a little bitch". Then there's "my bitch", "his bitch" etc. which is (usually jokingly) a girlfriend, sidekick, minion, or someone under complete power of another. Comment by: poison ives   
Also used as a verb, meaning to gripe or complain incessantly, rudely, and often loudly, sometimes even escalating into a two-hour shriek-fest. (Very locally, we called that "tornado-bitching.") Comment by: Saoirse   
Regarding the actual definition of 'bitch' (female dog that has not been neutered) yes, it is used quite frequently, in fact, by any dog breeder or veterinarian. Comment by: Saoirse   
How do you neuter a female dog??? Comment by: Tedly   


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