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hot chick, probably from "The Flintsones", a North American children's cartoon show from the 70's where a attractive female character in it was named Betty

Submitted June 12th, 2004 by: onetrickpony


Just for the record, the Flintstones began in 1960. Their prime time run was 1960-66. Comment by: Pat M   
No, it refers to Betty from the Archie comics, as in Veronica & Betty. Comment by: KDC   
Also used in plural.."lot of Betties in this club". Used to be hip expression in LA, still used sometimes. Similar to "Bunnies" as seen in the movie "Swingers". And yes it's definitely from Archie comics, Veronica was the brunette bitchy type but Betty was the sweet innocent girl next door blonde. But not a dumber beach blonde like a "Barbie" Comment by: Jettbot   
A betty is a hot chick. There are infamous lookers whose names were some form of betty. Betty from archie comics, Bettie Page, Betty Boop, Betty Rubble, Bette Davis, etc. Comment by: brooke   
*famous >_> famous lookers Comment by: brooke   


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