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Submitted March 2nd, 2003 by: Anonymous


Language Word/Meaning
バルビ : アウスtラリア語のBBQ


funnny! "put suum more shirmp ooonaa baaarbiii............" Comment by: stfan    Rated:5/5
lol shrimp?? think u mean lamb chops..MATE Comment by: Helena    Rated:4/5
yeh no one's ever said shrimp on the barbie in australia, retraded americans. Comment by: DeanLowe   
Who cares if you've never said it in Australia?! He put whatever he wants on his flippin' "barbie". ... Ew. Comment by: Nat   
We don't have 'shrimps' in Australia in any case - they're called prawns. Comment by: jess   
put suum more shirmp ooonaa baaarbiii........., is a quote from the movie by Jim Carey. it's not retarted americans, its funny americans!!!!!!!!1 Comment by: Darth   
I think it's amusing that you don't know how to spell retarded Comment by: flonch   
not retarded americans funny canadian Comment by: yes   
there must be something wrong with you idiots, arguing about shrimp. you're even worse then my grandparents you skanky skalliwag, yellowbellied, brain numbing retards! i can spell better then all of you and i'm in junior high! dehr da dehr! Comment by: rawr!   
haha, i believe you meant "better than" Comment by: amy   
Learn your history it was a commercial to promote Australian tourism in America during the 80's and it was done by Paul Hogan just after the popularity of the Crocodile Dundee movies. Comment by: aussie chick   
paul hogan first said chuck another shrimp on the barbie for an advertising campaign in the states in the 80's i think encouraging people to travel to australia. jim carrey was quoting that, as does every other american i've met. funny thing is that it didn't run in australia, so no one gives a f*ck Comment by: jono   
"Shrimp on the Barbi" was first used by Paul Hogan for US tourist add's back in the lat 70's, early 80's. Comment by: neslocs   
go put some prawns on your flippin barbie and do something productive Comment by: bob   
Yes, we can all tell that you are in junior high, if that, judging by your grammar and use of capitalization and irritating sound effects. I personally suggest you shut your mouth and stay quiet like a good Key 3-er should. Leave the debate to people who can write. Now I'll put in into words you can understand. Shut your pie-hole before I put my foot so far up your arse you'll cough up my shoelaces! "Dur de duhr" ^^ happy now? Comment by: Mr. A. Nonymous   
Chuck another shrimp on the barbie is actually from an Australian tourism advertising campaign featuring Paul Hogan... not from bloody Jim Carey - he was referring to it, when the girl says she is Austrian - that's why it was funny. You idiot. It is NOT an Australian saying, because we don't have shrimp. We have Prawns. This is an American saying. Comment by: mate    Rated:1/5
Spelling better is all well and good, but you have no room to talk if you can't capitalize worth a damn. Comment by: :P   
and scalliwag... so much for your spelling... Comment by: amy g   
Apparently rawr! is going to the school where they don't believe in grammar Dumbass Comment by: Choke a bitch?   
we dont call it 'shrimp' we call them prawns :) Comment by: jodie   
Who the fook cooks shrimp on BBQ? Comment by: Chris   
You sure that was a Jim Carrey movie and not Steve Martin & Michael Caine? I could be remembering wrong but I seem to remember the line about 'shrimp on the barbie' said by Caine using a faked Aussie accent at the end of "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels." Comment by: Saoirse   
Sure Jim Carrey said it. Paul Hogan did a tourism ad back in the eighties Which the last line was i'll slip extra shrimp on the barbie for ya. From there it evolved into Put another shrimp on the barbie Comment by: pete   
"Shrimp on the barbie" Was used in an Australian advertising campaign in America by Paul Hogan - Famous Aussie comedian. See His sketches on YouTube Comment by: Harvs   
It's not a quote from a Jim Carey movie you moron. It's a quote from an Aussie tourism add from the 80's aimed at Americans... Hence... the word shrimp instead of Prawns. Comment by: Jimbo   
Yep I've never had a shrimp (or prawn) on the barbie, what a stupid idea. It's snags, chops and burgers that go onto aussie barbies Comment by: Aussie Daniel   
pOU4OB Thank you ever so for you article post.Really thank you! Fantastic. Comment by: crork fiverr    Rated:3/5
"Retraded Americans"? I think ya mean retraded Brits. aka Aussies. Or do you mean "Retarded Americans?" still Aussies, but from Perth. Comment by: Kiwi   
The original quote was from an Australian tourism ad made for the US market and they used shrimp because Americans, apparently, don't use "prawn". Paul Hogan delivered the line. Jim Carey was satirising the ad, or was it "taking the piss out of" the ad? Comment by: Peter   


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