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A sausage. The traditional English meal of sausage and mashed potato is called "bangers and mash".

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Submitted April 7th, 2003 by: Anonymous

Usage Examples

Bangers & mash with onion gravy recipe


someone who indulges in the king street nightlife in newcastle, new south wales, australia. aka, ryan berwick. Comment by: DeanLowe    Rated:5/5
well i live in london and we do eat bangers and mash alot. Comment by: Jane    Rated:3/5
yeah, the banger isn't really good to eat, it has a meat's oil and i don't need fats! Comment by: chrisophylum calleza    Rated:2/5
ALSO used in US.....can represent someone who indulges in the rock & roll scene....Goes to lots of concerts "where they bang their heads"....hence, banger Comment by: Reena    Rated:4/5
Wife and I went to Great Britain last year. Took us three days to figure out "bangers and mash", and then when we did, we turned out noses up at the black blood sausage served every breakfast. Give me haggis anyday. Love the country though, want to go back to London so bad Comment by: Jerry   
can also mean an old rubbish car Comment by: madeleine   
Banger is also used in the U.S. as a short version of "Gang Banger" ... as in gang member. That homie is a banger. Do you bang (gang bang)?? Comment by: Brian    Rated:4/5
If you google pics of "gang bang" don't expect to see pics of gang members; expect to see a number of people banging one another! "Gang banger" comes up with a mixture of the two concepts. Comment by: Downstrike   
a banger is a SAUSAGE in brittain?!?! O_O HAHA!! If you can speak American slang like I can, this is JACKED UP!! XD Comment by: Emma   
I love bangers and mash Comment by: AJB    Rated:3/5
sometime's that's also used for something that's awesome...although it's a pretty local thing I guess. 'that holiday was an absolute banger' Comment by: grth   
what i say to my mates im gona do to gf as in "im gona get home and banger Comment by: liam    Rated:2/5
"Banger" in the US would be short for "head banger." Probably not that bright guys who go to heavy metal concerts. Like Beavis and Butthead. Comment by: emjayay   


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