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amber nectar


Country Code:AU
Submitted February 17th, 2004 by: Anonymous

Usage Examples

Foster's: The Amber Nectar
Advertising slogan for the Australian beer Fosters
The Foster's guide to pulling the perfect pint of The Amber Nectar
Want to know how to pour the perfect pint? This simple pint pouring guide shows you the finer points to deliver your perfect draught lager.


omg ive never heard any1 say this in australia, and i live here.. we call it beer like every1 else Comment by: josh   
I've been here since I was born and i've never heard it called Amber Nectar Comment by: Borgey   
Sorry to break it to you guys but it actually did used to be called this and still is if you travel around oz. Comment by: Sparki   
I'm Australian and I've certainly heard it, though it's not common. Comment by: Gairlochan   
I thought it was amber fluid Comment by: Mamaa   
Ive lived in australia all my life and never heard this one. Ive heard booze and grog but not amber nectar that is not current slang Comment by: tom   
amber nectar is the wrong word and this website is hosted in Canada not Australia.Ive never heard that word used for beer. The proper aussie slang for beer is grog or booze or piss Comment by: mick   
Amber necter ?? Lmfao thats hilarious never ever heard of it and im aussie as it gets! hhmm the word "goon" is pretty common way to refer to beer =] Comment by: 100 percent Australian born and bred =]   
Goon isn't beer, goon is only used when refering to really really cheap cask wine Comment by: Alex   
Goon is wine from a cask. Not beer. 100% Australian born and bred... sure. Comment by: mate   
A goon is a gun, f*ckin aussies. Comment by: J-dog   
i live in australia and ive never heard people say this.. Comment by: jodie   
it is called amber fluid in NZ (js) Comment by: andrew   
Only ever heard it referred to as "Amber", and not since the 80's at that Comment by: Anthony   
you guys who claim to be aussie and have never heard this need to get some mates and get down the pub. Comment by: mc nuts   
Lol, no one uses this term, except maybe old codgers. Comment by: Chris   
crikey never heard amber nectar?!?!?? you guys dont get out much. amber nectar, amber fluid, grog, piss, nectar of the gods.......... Comment by: alexfromoz   
asdasdasdsa Comment by: dsa   
I have only ever heard this expression used a few times, one of which was with the meaning "honey". Comes from the Foster's Lager slogan... Comment by: Geo   
amber fluid for me as well Comment by: Slug   
it depends your generation. amber fluid or amber nectar were common when i was growing up in the '70s. Comment by: John   
No such thing as amber "nectar". It's amber fluid. Comment by: ausgeoff   
Maybe it depends on what part of Oz. I lived in Melbourne until I was 12, then in Brisbane, and heard it in both places. Not VERY common, but certainly in use right up to recent times. Comment by: Peter   


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