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contraction of "all right"

Submitted August 18th, 2003 by: Anonymous


Language Word/Meaning
aight : 좋아


I use this all the time Comment by: Mich    Rated:5/5
i learned aggro to mean "aggressive" not annoying (from my british girlfriend, coincidentally, as it is used pretty commonly in the us these days as well) as in " i said no and he went all aggro on me, trying to hit me and shit" Comment by: bob f   
it sounds more like... "ite" like "alright" Comment by: yo-yo   
how stupid kan yu gt? itz supposed 2 sound lyke "ite" yu kan say aight, ite, aite, or my personal fav, ayte. dam. dnt yu kno any black ppl? Comment by: Debahli   
i can't stand it when some jerk off says "aight"... makes em sound as retarded as they look.... it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.... Comment by: Toots    Rated:2/5
i f*cking hate it when people say this =_= Comment by: kawaii-ne   
it sounds like "Ah-ight" Comment by: Yuki   
Douchebag slang. Comment by: J   
For lazy people who can't or never learned how to pronounce 'L's correctly. This is considered "gutter slang" in the US. You use it and you will be immediately branded ans uneducated low class loser. Comment by: The guy   
Or you could act like 'the guy' and with one comment 'brand' yourself as an uneducated social monarchist. Culture has nothing to do with education. Also, you happened to spell 'and' wrong in your hurry to implicate others. Comment by: YO!Americano   
Like everyone else is saying, come to America (as in The United States Of~) you could EASILY be put into a place where you are labelled as a "Wannabe Gangster" or a "Lower-life Douchebag. so, yeah, don't use it. > Comment by: Emma   
Here in Florida and Texas down here...We say that a ton. It's not that we're lazy, it's just like the shortening of you all. It's just quicker to say. Like, if you're walking away from someone and they're talking to you, we commonly you just say "aight, aight." or something like that. Comment by: Your mum   
People use this term in Canada too and it's the WORST. It makes anyone who uses it sound like they're trying waaaaaay too hard to be cool. Comment by: Canadian Chick    Rated:1/5


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