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A derogatory term for a citizen of the United States of America.

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Derogatory? Really? Us Yanks don't find it offensive, but just kind of funny. It is used by all commonwealth nations (is that the correct way to refer to Canada, Australia, Ireland, etc.?) to refer to US Americans . . . it is also still used by southern US Americans to refer to Northern US Americans (going back first to when the Brits used it during the revolutionary war, then North vs. Sourth during the civil war). The Yanks (derived from Yankees) won both of those wars . . . which is why we're not Canadians or Mexicans (just kidding, don't get your thermal panties into a bunch). Comment by: jimismycodename   
Not derogatory at all as far as we're concerned. Comment by: VegasLass   
As for the two ass clowns that didn't feel offended by being called a yank. It's not up to how you feel about the word, it's about the intention of the person using it... If the Canadian person says it's derogatory then that is more than likely the way it is meant in Canada... I understand that you two escapees from Hellen kellers school of deaf & blind dumbshits, bleed red, white & blue for your country but maybe you guys need to take what we call in America a "chill pill"! Comment by: Noneofyourbeeswax   
You couldn't be more wrong. The recipient gives the word power (or not). And we also don't care about Canadians' insults because hey, it's coming from a Canadian. They are never funnier than when they think they've found a superior moment to us. We "do", they observe and make commentary. They can own the sidelines and the fan seats all they want, God love them. We'll keep them safe, warm, and fed. Comment by: Right    Rated:3/5
Thing is, we intend it to be derogatory. Even the song "Yankee Doodle" was originally derogatory. If you find us calling you an idiot to be acceptable/funny/patriotic/endearing, then I'm sorry, the problem is you. Comment by: quiz   


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