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The Canuck way to buy beer... A case of twentyfour [cans or bottles] ... E.g. I'll take two two-fours. No, that's not a double-double-square!

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Submitted December 28th, 2004 by: Canuck Wordsmith


Bring back childhood memories. Comment by: Tim    Rated:5/5
Hells yeah. the two-four is always present during alcohol conversations. Comment by: Rae   
Two-four Weekend - being a long (3 day) weekend. Comment by: Eidei   
A two-four is regional. When I was growing up, beer came in a case of 12, and was in a long box, 2 bottles by 6 bottles. Comment by: Sketchguy   
In Ontario we also refer to the May long weekend as the "May 2-4 weekend" usually it consists of the first parties of the year outdoors. Also known as "Bush Parties" Comment by: MrDubie    Rated:5/5
Fixing my earlier post, lol it refers to the weekend of the 24th, usually the long weekend of May! Comment by: MrDubie   
on the eastcoast a "2 - 4" is also known as a "flat" of beer , like a flat of eggs or 24 Comment by: mike   
Childhood memories of buying beer, Tim? Could you even lift a 2-4? Comment by: Sasha   
Or, May 24 weekend. Comment by: Luke   
MrDubie said it, eh,? Bush parties and twofours! Woooooooohhh!!! Comment by: Sean_6942   


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